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Special offers for Mexicans and Latin-Americans

If you are Mexican or Latin-American and wish to study English in Canada, the USA, England or New Zealand, our schools will offer you special prices.


Why Study Abroad?

There are many different reasons to study abroad, some wish to learn a language and become independent, other prefer to enjoy a new culture and obtain an internationally recognized title. But no matter what the reasons are, every educational experience on an international level increases the perspectives for personal an professional development, since it allows you to develop skills that are highly valued by companies with a global projection, such as the capacity for solving problems and taking decisions, the easiness for communicating and the knowledge of languages. In an overall point of view, the benefits of studying abroad could be broken into 3 parts: professional, academic and cultural.


Nowadays, the professional industry demands for professionals who incorporate an interdisciplinary and generalist education. Such enterprises require that their employees have not only a solid and wide knowledge but also an educational background that has to do with the international orientation of the business world. The international programs offer a possibility of establishing a first contact with the business world, amplifying the vision of the area where you want to become a professional.


One of the greatest benefits is that the student when abroad, will not only learn inside the chosen sector, but will also have a much more closer approach to the world-wide industry, related to their degree or postgraduate program, which at the end will add up a specialization, experience and practice. Usually, a student will choose studying at a different country due to the possibility of finding Universities where they can specialize or, because such country offers the specific studies they are looking for. If the country you choose to go to study to has a different language from yours, you will then become a bilingual professional. Today, knowing various languages is more than an asset and definitely adds up a great value to the professionals resumes.


Living in a foreign country on an every day basis is an enriching experience which will definitely influence your personal and professional development. It allows you to learn the culture, costumes and many times, the language of the country. Getting used to other life-style, other times, opinions and thoughts, requires an open personality and a tolerant character, attitudes that can be learned by sharing and studying with people from other countries. After some time, being at the country you choose, you will get to understand how much you have learned and how much you have gained in terms of learning and understanding new cultures and other ways of thinking.