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Special offers for Mexicans and Latin-Americans

If you are Mexican or Latin-American and wish to study English in Canada, the USA, England or New Zealand, our schools will offer you special prices.


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies Abroad

Services for Students

AEI would like to approach as many opportunities as there are from ALL AROUND THE WORLD to those individuals seeking for an international Undergraduate or Postgraduate program. Whether you would like us to assist you only by researching for a University, College or Institution that offers the kind of program you are looking for, or you would like us to assist you throughout the whole process (research, application dead-lines, picking a school, applying, getting all paperwork ready and on time, advising on professional languages translators- when needed- directing you to Financial Aid and Scholarship givers in Canada, and supporting during your whole trip), we are here to be the Professional hand which will lead you to a successful decision!



  • REPRESENTATION PACKAGE: we will assist you throughout the whole process, including the following:
  • Personal Interview: to obtain a personal, educational, professional, socio-economic profile of each student
  • Research for finding the best option where you can study your chosen undergraduate or postgraduate program abroad – up to 10 options
  • Selecting the option that best suites your profile and needs
  • Contacting the chosen school/university/college/institution
  • Getting all the application process, deadlines and any other requirements by the school
  • Helping you to get all the necessary paperwork ready on time
  • Directing you to professional and accredited languages translators (when needed)

There will be a charge for the whole package.

    • RESEARCH ADVISING: we will assist you by researching the international education field, to give you the options that best suit your needs and expectations. This service includes the Personal Interview. Minimum 3, maximum 10 options. There will be a charge for the preset number of researched schools. Any more, will be charged per unit.
    • ADDITIONAL ADVISING SERVICES: any additional advising service you may need that does not have anything to do with the undergraduate or postgraduate study you want to do, will have an extra charge, but we will be happy to assist you on that as well. Ask to know what kind of services we offer in this case. There will be a charge per service.
    • APPLICATION OUTLINES RESEARCH: once you have in mind the school/schools where you would like to study, we can help you by researching everything related to the application (deadlines, required paperwork, contacts, etc.). There will be a charge per school researched.
    • SCHOLARSHIP & FINANTIAL AID INFORMATION: this service is intended to approach all the opportunities the student has to obtain a scholarship or a financial aid when wanting to study abroad. This service will not assure the student that they will attain whichever opportunity shown to them, but it is more to show them the government and non-government organizations that offer these kind of opportunities to them, and will also support them to choose the best one according to their profile. This service has a minimum cost.

Services for Educational Institutions

We offer “outsourcing” services to the Continuing Studies or International Education Departments of any school, college, university or institution, to contribute with the creating of successful methods which will lead them to gain international educational liasons for their students, through short or long tailor-made projects.