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General Intensive Spanish Courses

The General Intensive Spanish Course is our signature program: you will work on every language skill plus learn about Spanish language cultures with 5 extra lessons per week (+5). The Intensive program is available at all 6 levels, with each level divided into subgroups to make sure you’re placed exactly where you should be.

Our Intensive Spanish language courses guarantee the utmost flexibility and personal attention from the teacher. You can begin any Monday of the year , all year- round, for every level. Class size is always limited to 10 students, with an average of 5. The minimum duration is one week with the possibility of combining courses in as many Spanish cities as you want, at no extra charge.

Each course is divided into grammar and conversation. First you will study the basic language skills individually - reading, writing, speaking and listening – and then work to integrate them. The +5 culture classes cover topics as varied as History, Art, Civilization, Literature, and Cinema. These extra lessons will lead you to truly dominate the Spanish language in all its contexts.




Intensive & Super Intensive Spanish Course

The school offers 4 different types of Intensive Spanish courses:

  • 10 lessons per week: "Semi-Intensive/ Part Time"
  • 20 lessons per week: "Intensive"
  • 20+5 lessons per week: "Intensive+"
  • 25+5 lessons per week: "Super Intensive+"

The Intensive & Super Intensive Courses are the classic programs. You will work on every language skill plus learn about Spanish language cultures with 5 extra lessons per week (+5). The Intensive program is available at all 6 levels, with each level divided into subgroups to make sure you’re placed exactly where you should be.

Your decision entirely depends on your needs and desires. If you want more free time when studying abroad, then the Semi-Intensive or “Part Time” program allows a light schedule.

On the other hand, if you want to purely focus on the Spanish language without extra culture lessons, the Intensive course offers 4 lessons per day, another great option.

Our ‘star’ programs, Intensive+ and Super Intensive+, will lead you to make the most of your time in Spain. You’ll be immersed in 4 or 5 language lessons and 1 culture lesson per day , and put these new skills to use every day when you step outside the classroom. Our students are always surprised by how fast they learn with the “plus ” courses – it’s our most popular program, and for good reason.


Long Duration Spanish Immersion Course

This long duration Intensive, Intensive+ or Super Intensive+ Spanish program allows you to improve your language skills with the added advantage of becoming thoroughly acquainted with Spanish life and customs. By participating in day-to-day activities with native speakers for an extended period of time, you will grow more aware of Spain’s current cultural, financial and political situation, both domestically and in relation to the rest of the world.

If you have the time and the inkling, these courses are the best way to get on the road to becoming linguistically and culturally fluent. Best of all, when you choose this program you will receive a substantial reduction on the tuition fee.


Semester or Academic Year

Do you want to acquire Spanish skills to last a lifetime? Are you interested in using Spanish in your academic or professional career? If so, the Semester or Academic Year program is your best bet. By the end of the program, you will vastly improve your language skills, as well as possess an in-depth understanding of Spanish culture. Minimum duration is 24 continuous weeks (6 months).

The Semester or Year Program is also designed as a foundation course for those who want to pursue a higher degree or career in Spanish. It will equip you with the necessary skills to complete a regular university degree or postgraduate studies (MBA, Doctorate, Masters, etc.) in Spanish. If a high school student would like to spend a year in a Spanish high school, this course will fully prepare them to study along with their Spanish peers.

Like our Long Duration Course, the semester or year abroad includes a substantial reduction on the tuition fee.


Learn Spanish while Traveling

Want to take your Intensive course on the road? We encourage you to do so! This option allows you to follow the Spanish program of your choice throughout any of our school destinations – at no extra cost. You are assured the same outstanding quality teaching, standard methodology and support throughout our system of on-site services.

This is the perfect way to become more familiar with each of Spain's unique regions, thus developing a multi-faceted perspective on the Spanish way of life.


Special Spanish Courses

One on One Individual Spanish Course

Tailor-design the best curriculum for your needs and desires! If you want to optimize your study time and enjoy a fully personalized method of teaching, this course is the best option.

The minimum duration is one 55-minute class per week (except in Málaga and Cádiz) and you can decide the schedule and content of the program. Within a short period of time, you will begin to learn Spanish through an individualized course of study in grammar, speaking, listening, reading, writing and vocabulary.

It is also possible to introduce a particular topic or interest, provided that we have adequate notice before the class’s starting date.


DELE Official Exam Preparation Course

The DELE (Diploma for Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the only official certificate for foreign students recognized by the Instituto Cervantes. This diploma is an invaluable asset for students who wish to study at Spanish universitiesor would like to work in a Spanish-speaking country.

This course is designed to prepare you to pass the DELE exam at any of its 3 levels.

1. Nivel Inicial: Certificate of an elementary level of Spanish
2. Nivel Intermedio: Diploma of an intermediate level of Spanish
3. Nivel Superior: Diploma of an advanced level of Spanish

We have any extremely high success rate for those students who attend all of their classes: over 90%!


Christmas Spanish Course

The 1 or 2 week Christmas program is designed for you to enjoy traditional Spanish celebrations and work on your language skills at the same time. Apart from 20 Spanish lessons per week, the school organizes excursions and cultural activities such as visits to typical Spanish Christmas gatherings, nativity exhibits and Epiphany parades. Most of these activities are included in the price (except the transport costs and entrance fees.

Since the course falls in an off-peak period, museums and other sites of interest are often less crowded than at other times of the year. Classes are held throughout the entire holiday season, but our schools do observe the 25th of December, the 1st of January and other local/special holidays. Regardless, you are guaranteed the full 20 lessons per week during your stay.




Academic Spanish Courses

Our Academic Spanish Courses are designed for students who have already reached an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish and can express themselves comfortably in everyday situations.

These courses are complemented by extra-curricular activities including visits to museums and other cultural centers, always accompanied by an instructor.


Spanish Literature Course

Throughout the course of this program, you will study the most important Spanish and Latin American authors in order to acquire a global understanding of the Spanish literary cannon. All texts will be analyzed in Spanish, as they were originally written. We will identify key literary trends and differentiate the characteristics of important periods such as the Golden Age, the Romantic era, the Generation of 1927, the Contemporary Novel, and much more.

In accordance with these objectives, the syllabus includes works by masters as varied as Cervantes, Lorca, Cela, García Márquez, Isabel Allende, Borges and Carlos Fuentes. All the while you will improve your professional language skills and acquire a deeper understanding of both Spanish and Latin American cultures.


Spanish History Course

Want to acquire a broad understanding of the full panorama of Spanish history? This course focuses on the connection between a selected Spanish region's history and its distinct geography, customs, festivals, gastronomy, folklore, cinema, politics and more. If you are interested in understanding the trajectory of Spanish history from its very beginnings to the present day, this is the course for you.

The Spanish + History Course pays special attention to the influence of Roman, Arabic and Jewish civilizations on Spanish culture. You will also study the impact of the unification of Spain during the reign of the Catholic Kings, follow Columbus' voyage to the New World and examine the history of the Hapsburg and Bourbon dynasties in some detail.


Spanish Art History Course

When you travel to Spain, you will be surrounded by magnificent works of architecture, painting and sculpture from all eras of the Iberian peninsula's history, from prehistoric caves to mind-boggling surrealist masterpieces of the 20th century. However, it's difficult to understand another culture's artistic productions in depth just by passing through as a tourist.

For this reason we offer the Spanish + Art History Course, a great option for those who want to learn all about Spanish Art History and consequently acquire a greater understanding of the sights that surround them. We will reflect on some of Spain's most important trends and artistic representations in a variety of mediums and study the influence of the major civilizations that have passed through Spain: Roman, Moorish, Mudéjar, Renaissance, Baroque, etc.

We will also look at some of Spain’s most representative painters including Goya, Velasquez, Picasso, Miró, Dalí...




Business & Professional Spanish

Business Spanish Course & the Chamber of Commerce Exam

This program is geared towards students and business professionals who want to explore a particular business-related topic in Spanish. If you want to acquire the language skills necessary to communicate in business and legal situations, this is the perfect course for you.

Class materials include commercial texts, professional presentations and business periodicals, all containing the vocabulary and structures necessary to interact with clients and colleagues in the target language. You will be provided with lists of specific business vocabulary and given several informative handouts dealing with the economic situations of Spain, Europe and Latin America.

Some of the Business Spanish topics covered throughout this course may include:

    * Business and financial management in Spain
    * Trade relations
    * Spanish banking
    * Marketing and advertising
    * International trade
    * The stock market
    * The tourism industry
    * The Spanish labor market
    * Tax Legislation
    * Spain and the European Union

Executive One on One Spanish Course

When you learn Spanish, you will open yourself to millions of new clients and peers. With this goal in mind, the school offers you the Spanish for Executives Course.

It is an individualized program for professionals of all kinds who want to acquire Spanish skills for their line of work, or improve their general Spanish. You will be taught by a highly qualified native speaker with specific knowledge in your field of expertise. Our objective is to provide a tailor-made course that will simultaneously equip you with cultural skills suitable for each particular vocation.

Whatever your job – businessman, doctor, lawyer, biologist, etc. – we can match you with a teacher specialized in your field. Please make sure to notify us in advance of the specific topic you would like to study.


Internship in Spain

Participating in an internship is the key link between your studies and becoming a member of the 'real' working world. An even more valuable asset is the ability to work in a foreign country and interact in a foreign language. Come join our Spanish + Internship program and combine two essential experiences into one enriching and edifying adventure!

This exciting program will allow you to improve your Spanish skills in a professional environment and learn about daily Spanish life, business and culture first-hand, with the added bonus of serving as an excellent CV-builder.

Below is a sample list of the fields where we have been able to place our students, but please keep in mind that these are just examples, and not all jobs will be available in all cities. Placement depends on a number of factors (availability in the company, your level of Spanish, your CV, etc.) and we cannot guarantee a position in the specific company or field of your choice.

Also note that internships are harder to find in July & August, since many companies close or have less pending work. Regardless of the circumstances, we will do everything in our power to find the right match for you, and are always ready to form partnerships in other areas at your request, so don’t hesitate to ask.




Junior Spanish Programs

Intensive Spanish for Teenagers

The Spanish for Teenagers Program is, essentially, any General Intensive Spanish Course at a school in Spain for students 14 to 17 years old.

Junior students are often placed in general classes with participants of all ages. If a group of teenagers of the same level comes to Spain to study together, they may benefit from a customized group program with closed classes as well. If you prefer to take a Spanish course in which you're guaranteed to be with only teenagers, please see the Teen Summer Program in Sevilla described below.

The main difference between our Junior Program and the regular courses is that students 14-17 years old stay with host families rather than student apartments or residences. We believe that the home stay experience is essential for teenagers to feel at home, comfortable and part of a family... plus it's the best way for them to be fully immersed in the Spanish way of life.


High School Programs in Spain

Our high school semester or year abroad program in Spain allows students from 13 years old and up to attend a public or private high school with Spaniards their age and experience the day to day reality of Spanish life and customs. By living in an authentic cultural and linguistic environment, these teenagers exponentially increase their understanding of Spanish society while becoming fluent speakers. It's a fun, challenging, and highly formative experience that inevitably enriches and enhances the student's personal development.

The student follows the same guidelines and duties as the rest of his/her classmates and is treated as an equal peer. Teenagers have the option of living with a Spanish family or, if requested, in a residence hall with full board. An intermediate level of Spanish is required to be admitted to the program. The school year is divided into 2 semesters: September to December and January to June.


Summer Camp in Salamanca

For the past 17 years, the school has offered residential, day camp and home stay programs for adolescents during the summer. By bringing together students from all over the world, with 60% Spanish campers, these programs allow international youth to make Spanish friends their age, acquire a profound understanding of the Spanish way of life, and increase their awareness of a variety of world cultures. The school is proud to offer this enriching opportunity for students ages 5 to 18 years old. Our campers come from more than 32 countries, which creates a uniquely diverse environment for developing linguistic and interpersonal skills.




Special Program: Study Spanish and Live at a Private Teacher's Home


Accommodation while studying in Salamanca

Students have the following housing options:

  • Host Family
  • Shared Student Apartment
  • Student Residence
  • Private Apartment
  • Independent housing (hostel/hotel)