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Educación Secundaria para Extranjeros en Wicklow Irlanda

Si usted quiere mandar a su niño a Wicklow Irlanda para estudios secundarios, AEI agencia de estudios en el extranjero ofrece un servicio gratuito y personalizado de asesoría y colocación para la escuelas mencionadas en nuestras paginas!


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High School Study Abroad Program in Wicklow with LCI

Wicklow is known as the Beautiful Garden of Ireland. It has beautiful landscapes and wonderful coasts. There is the mountains on one side and the sea on the other. Powerscourt Gardens are delight with their Japanese gardens and dramatic waterfall, a visit is a must. Glendalough is Ireland oldest monastic settlement set in the backdrop of two tranquil lakes and stunning walks. Wicklow Mountains National Park was established in 1991 and at present has a total area 17,690 hectares. There are many fantastic country walks in Wicklow.

The International Student will live with the carefully chosen warm and friendly host family in Wicklow. The Student will engage in all the family activities, interests and outings. They will be totally immersed in the Irish culture and participate also in Irish music and dance. They will have many excursions in Dublin and Wicklow with their host family during their stay. They will be treated as part of the family and they will enjoy the friendliness and tranquillity of the Irish culture. The will be encouraged to study, to be happy, to make friends with their classmates and to feel at ease.

This course is available for 1 or 2 years. On the course the student aged between 12 and 18 years will attend a secondary school in Wicklow. The student will wear the uniform of the chosen school and study with the appropriate school-books. The subjects of course will all be studied in English. The student may choose subjects most suitable to their academic interest. Upon arrival the student will meet the Headmaster of the school. The Headmaster will suggest subjects based on the student’s prior school reports. The student will get their booklist, school uniform and school shoes and trainers. The student will meet their teachers and be shown the facilities of the secondary school. The student will go to the Wicklow Library at least once a week. They will also have access to the school library on a daily bases.

Students will be offered different sports and cultural activities depending on the programmes chosen. Irish sports include Irish football, hurling and hockey. other sports include horse riding, tennis, basketball, rugby, archery, swimming and golf. Cultural programmes will include Irish music, Irish dance and Irish history.

All of the programmes include:

- selection of a suitable school (male, female, co-ed);
- monthly progress reports;
- local orientation upon arrival;
- emergency 24 hour contact number;
- first and final transfers;
- accommodation in a carefully chosen host family (full board);
- access to all house, school and local facilities;
- language classes if necessary (at no additional cost);
- a warm, friendly and safe environment.