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Secondary Studies for Foreigners in Normandy France

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Secondary Studies for Foreigners at Ecole des Roches in Normandy

Ecole des Roches welcomes foreign teenagers from all over the world

    * Whatever

          o Their level in French : beginner, intermediate or advanced
          o Their educational project : bilingualism, equivalences with foreign educational systems (international recognition of diplomas obtained in France), higher education in France
          o The duration of their stay: from 3 weeks to 10 months

    * Within an ideal environment which favours total immersion

          o 80% of french students
          o 20% of foreign students representing 45 different nationalities

    * All year round

          o During the academic year
          o During summer sessions
          o During winter session

    * Individually or in groups

Each year, teenagers from all over the world choose Ecole des Roches for its unique humanism-orientated pedagogical project which favours students’ well-being and success.

For more than a century, the Ecole des Roches group has devoted itself to welcoming lovers of the French language. The Ecole des Roches exceptional educational project has led generations of French and foreign students towards great success. On the five continents, our alumni have excelled in careers devoted to knowledge, industry, science, diplomacy...


Located on a 148 acre estate in Normandy, ECOLE DES ROCHES is an international and non denominational private grant-aided boarding secondary school for boys and girls offering:

- A COLLEGE (11 to 15 years old) with English language European section (where pupils receive History and Geography or Physics and Chemistry classes in English) for 4 ème et 3 ème classes (14-15 years old), with an aim to start preparing for the Baccalauréat Option Euorpéenne (National French exam taken at 18 years old)

- A LYCEE, preparing to L (literature), ES (economics) and S (sciences) sections of the Baccalauréat (96,5% pass or above) as well as to the following foreign languages exams: Cambridge, SAT, TOEFL, Cervantés and Goethe Institutes.

- A boarding REVISION COURSES, for Brevet des Collèges (national French exam taken at 15 years old), French language baccalauréat (taken at 17 years old) and Baccalauréat (taken at 18 years old).

Ecole des Roches also offers HOLIDAY COURSES to get youngsters ready for the new school year.

- A FRENCH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT which provides for individual or group classes:

¿ A complete immersion during the school year, with a view to:
* either become fluent and obtain the DELF (100% pass or above in 2006), DALF or TCF,
* or validate a year spent studying in France,
* or enter the French collège/lycée system (6 ème to terminale) and gaining access to French Universities.
¿ Summer and Winter Courses : 3 to 9 weeks linguistic boarding courses, including French classes, sports, cultural activities and visits.

Established in 1899, Ecole des Roches follows the example given by the public schools and is the most famous French private school.

Ecole des Roches is a grant aided school offering excellent education through :

- rigorous supervision, safe surroundings and warm family life
- extra teaching and personalised monitoring
- two daily study periods supervised by collège and lycée teachers
- pupils’ awareness of their own responsibilities and development of their potential and progress
- level classes for languages (English, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic…)
- sport (20 different sports offered, including golf, horse riding, karting, tennis…)
- arts (21 clubs offered, including music, drama, visual arts, photography…) and awareness of the world (humanitarian aid, cultural festival…) - excellent communication with parents via intranet and Internet.