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Secondary Studies for Foreigners in Munich Germany

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Academic Year at a Bavarian Boarding School with Inlingua Munich


Our programme „Abitur in Germany“ is targeted at students with (very) good German language skills who have already finished the school in their home countries.
You will have the chance to attend the 11th class at a state- financed boarding school at Lake Chiemsee (2 hours from Munich, nearest airport Munich or Salzburg). This year will certainly enrich your Curriculum Vitae and lead to improved chances in your future career.
After the first year, depending on the results achieved, the school will decide if the student can stay or has to leave. If there is a positive response, there will be 2 more years (12th and 13th grade) and the student will have final exams like any other Bavarian student and will hopefully pass the German Abitur.

Programme length:

minimum 1 school year (September to July/ August) without any final exam
maximum 3 school years (11th to 13th grade)

Required age: 16-18 years

Student status and admission conditions:

- Applicant must have finished school in his/ her home country
- Applicant must have had good marks at school
- Applicant must send a Curriculum Vitae (including a photo)
- Applicant must show outstanding independence and must be hardworking

Required language skills: Applicants must have very good language skills and should achieve at least an “intermediate” (Mittelstufe) result in the pre-enrolment language appraisal.

Tuition: Lessons take place during the mornings, there will also be working hours in the afternoon which will be supervised by teachers. Students from abroad will not get marks during the first year. But otherwise they will be treated like any other student.


· German
· English
· Maths
· Physics
· Chemistry
· instead of French students will make an exam in Russian
· Biology
· arts or music
· Geography
· History
· Sports
· Religion or Ethics


Accommodation with full-board is included in the price. Students usually live in double-rooms. Shower and toilet is in the hall. Please do not forget to bring the following with you:
· bedding (pillow, blanket, bedclothes), toilet bag with your personal belongings, towels, clothes for everyday, laundry bag, slippers, sneakers (except: black soles),sportswear, sport bag, swimsuit, for personal use in your room: cup, glass, simple cutlery, dish, salt/ sugar.
· Washing: washing machines available

Visa procedure:

All necessary documents (details will be given) should be forwarded to inlingua Munich. The visa will be issued and is prolongable. The boarding school will organize the visa procedure.

Our services:

· Consultation via email, telephone and fax
· Acceptance test and analysis
· 1 trip to Ising (by car, accompanied by one of us) prior to the start of the academic year. Includes first meeting with the director of the school, and a tour of the premises
· Letter of invitation (also for family members during the school year)
· Organization of visa in cooperation with the boarding school
· Placement in host-families during home weekends

Location: at lake Chiemsee (approx. 2 hours from Munich)