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Secondary Studies for International Students in Florida

The Academy is a college preparatory, coeducational independent school serving grades PK3-12. Our boarding program serves grades 7-12 & Post Graduate.

Based on the original mission of the Academy in 1912, the mission "is to increase student knowledge, develop cognitive skills, and build character in a nurturing, disciplined, and diverse community."

At the heart of the Academy experience is an engaging and challenging academic environment that gives students the desire and skills to achieve at the highest levels. Outside of the classroom, students continue to develop their talents and abilities through involvement in fine arts, athletics, school clubs, and service organizations.

Our staff members, parents, and students are part of a close-knit, deeply caring community. We emphasize positive relationships to help build self-esteem and confidence in our students, and each one of them is a valued community member.

With its cultural diversity, the Academy draws students from around the world. Our international character adds an exciting dimension to our community and the educational experience we provide.



The Academy has been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) since 1927. In addition, the Academy is one of very few schools in the state of Florida to have also earned accreditation from the Florida Council of Independent Schools, the Southern Association of Independent Schools, and the Florida Kindergarten Council.

"To achieve accreditation, a school must meet the appropriate set of standards specifically designed for the level and type of school. An accredited school is expected to demonstrate adherence to the standards by annually reviewing and reporting to SACSCASI its status regarding the standards. Also, at least once every five years, a school must present evidence to a Quality Assurance Review Team that the school is in compliance with the standards.

In evaluating the school's capacity to meet the accreditation standards, school officials should use the Standards Assessment Tool that is available for download at For each of the ten standards, a brief narrative outlining the school's current capacity to meet the standard should be prepared and included in the documentation for the Quality Assurance Review."

A Quality Assurance Review is conducted jointly between SACS, FCIS, SAIS, and FKC.


Progressive English Program

Introduction to the Progressive English Program:

The Progressive English Department is dedicated to developing our English Language Learning (ELL) students to a level of fluency in English that will allow them to be successful both at Montverde Academy and at the university level after graduation. We work in conjunction with the English department and other academic departments to ensure that the students who are in the Progressive English program are able to seamlessly integrate into the other courses offered at the Academy.
To ensure that each student is successful, we have developed one of the most intensive and advanced English programs available. Students are placed into the program based upon their individual needs are advanced through the program at the rate that reflects their efforts and development. Research shows that it takes between 4 and 7 years to become fluent in a language, but our goal is to be able to move our ELL students from the beginning levels to the regular English classroom as quickly as possible while still ensuring that the student is successful in language acquisition. Typically, we can expect our students to move through one level each semester, while some students may move at a faster or slower rate depending upon the effort and dedication they put into their studies.


The Progressive English Department offers 3 levels of English Language Courses:
Level 1 courses have been developed to address the needs of emerging English speakers; typically students whose first language is not English and who have had very little English language experience. In Level 1 students will receive intensive instruction in English in a completely immersed program. The students follow a 7 period schedule which includes 5 different English courses addressing the 4 areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students are placed in regular math class according to their placement test scores, giving them a chance to be in a class with native English speakers in a non-language based subject. The 7th period is a study hall which will allow them to practice their English, complete homework and do extra study as needed.
Level 2 students continue learning English, at a faster pace, with more focus on developing content as well as skills. There are 5 Progressive English classes at this level. Students are also able to take introductory courses in American History, American Government and Science. These introductory courses support the development of English language skills while providing the students with the content knowledge that they will need to enter higher level courses.
Level 3 Progressive Courses consist of a literature and a composition class. Taken together these courses prepare students for higher level English courses as well as the Test of English as a Foreign Language exam (TOEFL). These courses also count towards the English credit for graduation. Students taking these courses also take Introduction to World History and any other regular courses that the school has to offer.


All international students are evaluated for English Language Proficiency and placed in appropriate levels within the first few days of arrival at the Academy. Placement is based upon:
·         Proficiency test scores (SLEP, CELLA, TOEFL)
·         Teacher recommendation from previous schools
·         Years of education in English language
·         Recommendations of Director of International Student Academic Development
·         Recommendations of Progressive English Department teachers


Progression within the Department:
It is possible for students to move between levels at the end of each semester. Students participate in end of semester exams as well as further proficiency tests, and recommendations are made by the Progressive Department teachers to the Director. Progression is based upon:
·         Semester exams scores
·         2nd set of proficiency test scores (administered by MVA)
·         Teacher recommendations
·         Semester grade performance
·         Director of International Student Academic Development recommendation

Please note that test scores are not the sole indicator of achievement and it may be in the best interest of the student to remain in a level to further develop the necessary skills for future success.


Exiting Progressive English:
Research shows that it takes between 4 and 7 years to become fluent in a foreign language. However, many of our students are ready to move into advanced English classes before then. Many factors are taken into account when deciding to exit a student from the Progressive English Department. The most important factor is the teacher recommendation. At a minimum, we expect our students to achieve 90% or better on proficiency tests in order to be ready for mainstream English classes. Final decisions are made by the Director of International Student Academic Development and the Dean of the High School.