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Russian Camp in Russia

Our camps in Russia for kids and teenagers combine Russian language lessons with various social activities and include accommodation, in homestay or residence. However it is always possible to register to a day camp only if accommodation is not required.

Contact us to receive detailed information about a specific camp you are looking for or see below examples of Russian language camps offered by our partner schools in Russia.



Russian Camp in Riga (Latvia)

Age: from 9 to 17 years
Lessons: Russian or English
Lenght: from 1 to 3 weeks

Our truly international junior camp takes place in a famous seaside resort city, Jurmala, a very popular place among local and foreign tourists what is only 30 minutes away from Riga city centre. The green ornament of trees, wide dunes covered with pine trees, white 33 km long sandy beach, sea air and favourable climatic conditions are exceptionally appropriate to refresh juniors after the city noise. A big treasure of the city is its natural resource- the  ionized sea’s and clean pines wood’s air- Jurmala was chosen to give kids all the best what Latvia’s nature can offer!

Camp itinerary:

Russian or English language lessons take place 5 days per week, 4 days students study in Jurmala but one day per week they go to Riga to our main school, that day all excursions and activities take place in the capital of Latvia as well! Explore both -  Jurmala and Riga! To start the day in the best way -  let’s swim in the smimming pool filled with mineral water but about everyday afternoon and evening activities please refer to activity program sample. Our super intensive activity and excursion program will ensure the best language practice and a lot of positive impressions – not many camps will keep you so busy.


Accommodation will be provided in a cosy 3* hotel ‘’Belorussia’’ just 200 m away from the white sandy beach. Comfortable twin / triple rooms with  en-suite bathrooms, every room has a  TV and a fridge. Most of the hotel guests are Russian language speakers what will provide you with great   communication practise and new Russian-speaking friends. Camp within the hotel has common a play room where our juniors can socialize, relax, play table games, there is a library, a cinema, a disco hall, grounds for tennis and basketball.


Students have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel plus fruits or a snack twice a day. When out for full day trips, packed lunches will be provided or BBQ organized.


The  Russian Language School is an accredited private language school offering a great choice of all year- round Russian language courses for all needs and interests. The teaching staff has appropriate education, great experience and enthusiasm and we are proud of the  Summer camp in Jurmala. All lessons are held according to a special language program designed to teach from the beginner’s level and it will ensure rapid progress of our young learners with different language backgrounds.

Students per class: Maximum 12
1 lesson = 45 minutes
Levels available:
- Russian: A1-B1 (Beginner - Pre Intermediate)
- English: A2- B2 (Elementary - Intermediate)