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Learn Spanish with Internship in Spain

We have opportunities for "Learn Spanish + Internship" programs in the following cities in Spain: Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, Sevilla, Valencia.


Starting Dates: Intensive Course / Work experience: Every 1st Monday of each month, all year; Business course / Work experience: Consult Business Spanish course starting dates and schools/locations.

Lessons per week: 20+5 Intensive Spanish Course or 20+5 Business Spanish Course

Duration: 8 or 12 weeks (optional 4-week Spanish course + 8 weeks interning)

Levels: Minimum high intermediate level required

Special requirements: Minimum age 18 years old; must possess medical insurance

Notes: Students may take 4 weeks of Intensive Spanish or Business Spanish before entering the workplace. The school provides placement, assessment, orientation, training and support for interns during the work study.

Lesson Duration: 55 min.

Class Size: Max. 10 students per Spanish class, average 5-6. Cultural lessons: max. 16.

Participating in an internship is the key link between your studies and becoming a member of the 'real' working world. An even more valuable asset is the ability to work in a foreign country and interact in a foreign language. Come join our Spanish + Internship program and combine two essential experiences into one enriching and edifying adventure!

This exciting program will allow you to improve your Spanish skills in a professional environment and learn about daily Spanish life, business and culture first-hand, with the added bonus of serving as an excellent CV-builder.

Below is a sample list of the fields where we have been able to place our students, but please keep in mind that these are just examples, and not all jobs will be available in all cities. Placement depends on a number of factors (availability in the company, your level of Spanish, your CV, etc.) and we cannot guarantee a position in the specific company or field of your choice.

Also note that internships are harder to find in July & August, since many companies close or have less pending work. Regardless of the circumstances, we will do everything in our power to find the right match for you, and are always ready to form partnerships in other areas at your request, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Possible Internship Placements in Spain:
    * Food and Catering
    * Graphic Arts
    * Non-Profit Work (NGO's)
    * The Automotive Industry
    * Financial services
    * Tourism
    * Law
    * Cinema and Entertainment
    * Communications /Media Consulting
    * Sports
    * Distribution
    * Marketing
    * Hospitality (Hotels/ Restaurants)
    * IT/ Computers/ Internet
    * General Business
    * Real Estate
    * Applied Sciences (laboratories)
    * Fashion
    * Shipping
    * Leisure
    * Optometry
    * Auxiliary Medical Services
    * Education

Before entering the workplace, you may participate in an optional 4-week Spanish Language Program (Intensive Spanish or Business Spanish).

Students who wish to participate but do not possess with the required level may enroll in any of our general Spanish courses for as long as it takes to reach an appropriate workplace fluency in spoken and written to Spanish.

Participants are not paid during their internship program. At times, however, a bonus may be negotiated at the discretion of the company, based on the individual's contribution.


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