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Learn French with Professional Internship in Canada

We have opportunities for "Learn French + Internship" programs in the following cities in Canada: Montreal.


Student Internship Program in Montreal

UNPAID professional-level internship in general administration, related to your career or studies.

SAMPLE JOB FIELDS: Accounting, Architecture, IT, Arts and Culture, Biology / Biotechnology, Business Administration, Communications, Computer Science, Culinary, Engineering, Events, Fashion, Film, Finance, Graphic Design, Green Technology, Hotels, Human Resources, International Trade, Law, Marketing, Project Management, Real Estate, Social Media, Sport Management

- Minimum Duration: 8 weeks language course + 8 weeks internship
- Maximum Duration: 24 weeks language course + 24 weeks internship
- Age: 20-35
- Education Requirement: University, College, Apprenticeship or Technical institution
- Experience Requirement: In general, none.
- Specific fields may have experience requirements
- French or Bilingual
- Level: 5
- Compensation: None


Cooperative Education Program (Unpaid Co-op) in Montreal

The Cooperative (Co-op) Education Program combines French language studies with unpaid experience in the Canadian workplace.  The name Cooperative Education reflects the cooperative relationship between the student, our school and the host organization.Learn French and Internship Program in Montreal

The first half of the program is 1 to 3 months of full-time intensive French classes. After classes, students are placed in an industry that reflects their interests, previous work experience and educational background.
Levels: Intermediate 3 to Advanced 2

The program is available to students who register for full-time intensive classes and who reach a high intermediate or advanced language level.

Specific foundation classes may apply depending on student’s previous experiences.


More information about the programs and prices.


Study and Unpaid Internship Program in Montreal

International students will experience a real Canadian work environment, improving their French skills in a communicative way. The candidate will develop their communication skills while gaining valuable work experience. The program offers an exiting way to learn French and immerse students in Canadian culture.

The school is presently working with many partners, guaranteeing a variety of unpaid internship positions in a large variety of industries such as IT, Design, Marketing, Trade, Administration, Tourism, and Hospitality to qualified candidates.

Why Internship?
    * Fast-track your career.
    * Gain greater opportunities than most entry-level positions.
    * Meet your specific objectives according to your schedule.
    * Accumulate experience and references for future employers.
    * Build new relationships in the industry.
    * Learn about North American business culture.

The school will...

    * Provide at least 3 months of English or French courses.
    * Forward candidate info to our partners and potential companies that have requested interns with similar profiles.
    * Mediate communication between intern and the company to ensure an ideal placement.
    * Ensure all candidates have valid visas, insurance, and clearly understand the internship position and agreement.
    * Arrange lodging and provide support to ensure a trouble free placement.
    * Maintain communication with candidates and the company to ensure a successful placement.
    * Provide a great learning and cultural experience.


More information about the programs and prices.