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Learn English with Professional Internship in Canada

We have opportunities for "Learn English + Internship" programs in the following cities in Canada: Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria.


Study + Business Internship Program (Unpaid) in Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver or Victoria

International students will gain work experience in a professional work environment, and develop business communication skills. These Professionals will apply their expertise with the goal of improving their employment opportunities internationally.

The school is presently working with several partners, guaranteeing a variety of unpaid internship positions in a large variety of industries.

Some of the positions offer for the Business Internship Program: Science, Engineering, IT, Graphic design, Accounting, Marketing, Administration, Tourism, Trade, NGO and much more.

Internship Study Program includes:

    * International Business English communication skills
    * Formal writing and vocabulary skills
    * Resume creation, review and revision
    * Learn about Canadian business culture
    * Interview coaching and preparation
    * Workplace culture and office skills

Why Internship?

    * Fast-track your career.
    * Gain greater opportunities than most entry-level positions.
    * Meet your specific objectives according to your schedule.
    * Accumulate experience and references for future employers.
    * Build new relationships in the industry.
    * Learn about North American business culture.


More information about the programs and prices.


Cooperative Education Program (Unpaid Co-op) in Vancouver or Toronto

The Cooperative (Co-op) Education Program combines English language studies with unpaid experience in the Canadian workplace.  The name Cooperative Education reflects the cooperative relationship between the student, our school and the host organization.

The first half of the program is 1 to 3 months of full-time intensive English classes.  After classes, students are placed in an industry that reflects their interests, previous work experience and educational background.

Levels: Intermediate 3 to Advanced 2

The program is available to students who register for full-time intensive classes and who reach a high intermediate or advanced language level.

Specific foundation classes may apply depending on student’s previous experiences.


More information about the programs and prices.


Work Experience Program (Unpaid) in Vancouver or Toronto

An excellent opportunity to practise and develop your language skills in a business environment and gain valuable work experience. The programme combines a course to develop your communication skills and attain a high enough level in the language and a period of work placement.

  • Intensive 30 course for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to work experience and a minimum 2 weeks after placement
  • Work Experience Placement for 2-6 months
  • Select 3 industry/ professional areas that you would like to work in and we will then search for a suitable placement
  • Applications must be received at least 12 weeks in advance
  • Minimum age: 18+

We have more than 300 internship hosts in Vancouver and Toronto for unpaid internships. These internships are available in nearly every field of work, with the most popular being marketing, law,
international trade, finance, and business administration. Internships are not available in health care, child care, or film and television.
Internship duties vary by field but typically are a combination of equal parts office assistance, job shadowing, and project work. All internships are closely monitored by our partner organization using their on‐line Internship Management Database.


More information about the programs and prices.