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Learn English and Work in Canada

We have "Learn English + Work Experience" programs in the following cities in Canada: Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler.


IMPORTANT: these kind of programs (Language study + work in Canada), that require a work coop visa, will end on June 1st 2014 (by decision of the Canadian government). Language schools still accept students for these programs but the work coop visa (which is complementary to the study visa) has to be processed before June 1st 2014.

As an alternative you might interested to know that in Australia English language schools offer similar programs, and the study permit allows to work up to 20 hours per week in Australia (English school in Australia). In Ireland and New Zealand, the study permit also allows to work up to 20 hours per week (English courses in Ireland; English courses in New Zealand)


It’s important that you understand that language schools in Canada only offer cooperative programs, which means there is a period of studying followed by a period of work experience/internship. So you won’t study and work the same day, and it is not a financing program that allows you to pay your studies with the remuneration of the work experience: first you study during a certain amount of weeks and then you start the work experience/internship, because in Canada it is not permitted to study and work at the same time (if you are interested in working while studying, you can learn about other countries like Ireland, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand in our section: Learn a Language and Work Experience Programs Abroad).

Please note that the paid work placements are mainly entry level positionsin the service industry (restaurants, hotels, stores, sometimes administration...). If you are looking for a work experience related to your career or studies, then the unpaid professional internships are more adapted for you.


Business English Work Study Program in Vancouver

The Business English Work Study Program is designed for international students and strengthens their ability to communicate in English in a business setting plus provides work experience in Canada relevant to their academic studies or profession. This program consists of 50% academic studies and 50% paid and/or unpaid internship.

This course has been designed by experienced business professionals and is for students who need to use English for international business. In the program case studies and class projects involving work-related situations enhance students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

The Academic component is composed of an Intensive English Language program (optional 6 levels) and/or Cambridge Exam Preparation (FCE, CAE) program followed by the mandatory 12 week Business English Program.

In our Internship Program students will experience a Canadian work environment, get to know colleagues from other countries, enhance their language abilities and expand their career horizons. The unpaid or paid Internship, is monitored, has specific learning goals and is an essential component of the BEWS program.

After assessing the student’s language skills, educational training, work experience, and personal interest, we will arrange a suitable placement. We work closely with each student to place with a company that fits their goals, interests and personality.

    * The average work hours for internship are 20 (up to 30) hours per week
    * Placements will depend on English level, education and experience.
    * Remuneration and pay rate (the minimum wage of $8.00/hour is guarantee by law in BC) will be affected by English communication ability, previous work experience and education.

Here are some of the most common job placement sectors.

    * Sales and Marketing
    * Sports / Recreation
    * Business Administration
    * Event Marketing
    * Hotels and Restaurants
    * Retail /Customer Service
    * Market Research
    * Computer & IT
    * Graphic Design
    * Media and Journalism
    * Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical)
    * Non-profit / Social Program
    * Human Resources
    * Travel and Tourism

* Some of these positions may require previous training or experience.
* Due to the nature of the sector, we are unable to place paid interns in Medical and Financial – Banking, Stock broking.

All BEWS students will have Targeted Employment Training at the Canadian College of English Language. Instruction will be given in the following areas: formulating an appropriate curriculum vita, writing a convincing covering job letter, making an effective presentation and impressing an employer at a “job interview”.

Program Length:

40 weeks
48 weeks
56 weeks
Intensive English and /or Cambridge Exam Preparation (FCE/CAE)
8 wks
12 wks
16 wks
Business English Certificate & Targeted Employment Training
12 wks
12 wks
12 wks
20 wks
24 wks
28 wks


We expect students to meet the following criteria before we can accept them in the BEWS program:

   1. Students must be 18 years of age or over.
   2. Students must obtain a C30 Work/Study Permit.
   3. Students must meet the following English level requirements:
          * 40 weeks program: Upper Intermediate or Advanced (Level4 or 5)
          * 48 weeks program: Intermediate or Upper Intermediate (level 3 or 4)
   4. English Level Assessment: Students are required to take the on-line written test and have apre-screening interview.
   5. Students will be required to submit a resume and a letter of motivation, Word Format, detailing their skills and qualifications.
   6. Students must have a realistic expectation of the internship position. Eg We are unable to find management position of any kind.
   7. Students must be motivated, flexible and have a professional attitude.


More information about the programs and prices.


Study and Work Programs in Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver or Victoria

International students will experience a real Canadian work environment, improving their English skills in a communicative way. The candidate will develop their communication skills while gaining valuable work experience. The program offers an exiting way to learn English and immerse students in Canadian culture.

The program helps students get paid positions within the service industries. From the beginning of the program the school will provide students support in job placement and preparation until the program ends.

Job placements: hotels, restaurants, local resorts, retail shops, museums, tour companies and travel destinations in general. These places offer fun and exciting ways to live and work.

Positions offered at resorts include: guest services, retail shops, housekeeping, food & beverage service, maintenance, front-desk reception and more. Students can live and work at these resorts for a whole season or two seasons and meet people from other parts of the globe.

*All required training will be provided at the resort. Staff housing for summer and winter resort job placements is available at some resorts if employment starts at the beginning of the season, but may not be available if employment begins in the middle or at the end of the season.

Pay rate: A general guideline would be from $8 to $15 per hour.

Note: The work period must be shorter or equal to the study period.

STEP 1 Learn or improve your English for a minimum of 12 weeks in our Intensive or Full-Time English Program. In order to move on and start applying for jobs, you need to meet ONE of the following requirements:

* achieve a TOEIC score of 650 ar a TOEFL score of 70.
* Completion of level 4 (High-Intermediate) Program.

NOTE Please note that students interested in these programs must be 19 years old and must have valid Canadian Study and Work Permits (Co-op Permit) or Working Holiday Visa.

STEP 2 After completion of the Intensive or Full-Time English Program, students will then be provided with the relevant job placements services and training before the work program begins. Feedback and follow-up services will be provided during the work program period.

*Enrolment at the school does not guarantee successful entry into the work program*


    * Job placement
    * Visa application support
    * Social insurance number (SIN card)
    * Host company search
    * Resume creation review and revision
    * Interview coaching and preparation
    * Interview set-up
    * Post job placement service (follow up and report)
    * Certification will be issued to the student at the end of the program


More information about the programs and prices.


Study and Work Programs in Toronto or Vancouver

An excellent opportunity to practise and develop your language skills in a business environment and gain valuable work experience. The programme combines a course to develop your communication skills and attain a high enough level in the language and a period of work placement. The school offers both unpaid work experience placements and paid positions.


  • Opportunities to train as a Banquet Server and to work short-term (for entry level salary)
  • Intensive 30 Course for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to work experience
  • Minimum placement length is 4 weeks (12 weeks recommended)
  • Placement can exceed study length if student obtains Working Holiday Visa
  • Countries which offer Working Holiday Visa: Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, Czech Republic and Latvia.

Paid Hospitality Jobs are available in Vancouver, Toronto, Whistler, the Rockies, the Okanagan, and the Niagara Region.

Paid Hospitality Jobs are not professional level. For a professional level job, please see the Paid Business Internship Program or the Unpaid Business Internship Program.


More information about the programs and prices.


English Work Experience Program in Victoria


The English Work Experience Program (EWEP) is an 18-week program which combines 12 weeks of intensive English classes with a 6-week professional work term.  It offers an excellent opportunity for students to develop their English skills in a challenging professional environment.

Program Features:
    * 12-weeks of intensive English classes
    * Job-preparation workshops
    * 6-week work term (120-240 professional hours)
    * Letter of Recommendation from your Employer and the Program Coordinator
    * WorldHost Fundamentals Certificate
    * Certificate of Participation
    * Homestay or UVic Dormitory accommodation


EWEP enables students to put their English skills into practice, meet Canadians and gain excellent work experience by offering positions in fields such as:

    * Tourism & Hospitality
    * Event Coordination
    * Marketing and Communications
    * Office Administration


Weeks 1-12: Students attend intensive English classes and complete a series of workshops to prepare for a successful work experience in Canada.  These workshops include:

    * Skills & Experience Assessment
    * Resume and Cover Letter Writing
    * Interview Skills
    * Canadian Culture in the Workplace
    * WorldHost: Customer Service Certification

Weeks 13 - 18: Participants begin their 6-week work terms immediately after completing their English classes. During the full-time, unpaid work term, students participate in the daily activities of a Canadian organization and gain excellent experience to add to their resumes.

Entrance Requirements:

    * Upper intermediate level (490) of the 12-week program or with approval of the school
    * A valid student visa for the duration of the program.  Students in Canada on a visitor visa are not eligible to apply.

Completion Requirements:

    * Completion of 12 weeks of intensive English classes at the 490 level, in good standing
    * Attendance at all program workshops
    * Completion of all program materials, including WorldHost test, resumes and cover letters
    * Successful completion of a 6-week* professional work term


More information about the programs and prices.


Canadian Experience Internship (Paid) in Victoria

The Canadian Experience Internship is a 48-week program which combines 24 weeks of intensive English classes with a 24- week paid work term. It enables you to put your English skills into practice, meet Canadians and gain excellent work experience by offering paid, customer service positions in Victoria.

Program Features:

• 24 weeks of English classes plus a 24-week paid internship
• Job-preparation workshops
• WorldHost® Customer Service Certification
• Certificate of Participation
• Homestay or Dormitory accommodation

Weeks 1-24: You will attend intensive English classes for 30 hours per week and complete a series of workshops to prepare for a successful work experience in Canada.

Weeks 25-48: During the full-time internship, you will work between 20-40 hours per week in entry-level positions where you will gain valuable experience for your résumé.

Program Eligibility:

• Upper intermediate level (490) of the 24-week program or with the school's approval
• A valid student visa for the duration of the program. Students in Canada on a visitor visa are not eligible to apply.


More information about the programs and prices.