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Learn English and Volunteer Programs in Canada

We have opportunities for "Learn English + Volunteer" programs in the following cities in Canada: Victoria.


Learn English and Volunteer in Victoria


This part-time program provides students with the opportunity to practise their English skills and experience a unique aspect of Canadian culture by volunteering in a Canadian workplace. Students prepare to volunteer in Victoria by attending an orientation session and introductory workshop, facilitated by the Program Coordinator. Students will volunteer in at least 2 different organizations during the 2-week program, for a minimum of 30 volunteer hours including weekdays and weekends.


Students will attend a final meeting and receive a Certificate of Participation at the end of the program.


Program Schedule

    * 2-week program: minimum 30 volunteer hours
    * Orientation and Introduction to North American Workplace Workshop
    * Weekday and possibly weekend volunteering
    * For an additional fee, this program may be combined with a 2-week academic writing program

Entrance Requirements

Program Eligibility:

    * Completion of the 12-week program English program

All English Language Centre students must:
    * Be 18 years old by the program start date
    * Meet Canadian Visa requirements
    * Buy medical insurance for the duration of the program
    * Read, understand and abide by all program guidelines


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