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Japanese Camp in Japan

Our camps in Japan for kids and teenagers combine Japanese language lessons with various social activities and include accommodation, in homestay or residence. However it is always possible to register to a day camp only if accommodation is not required.

Contact us to receive detailed information about a specific camp you are looking for or see below examples of Japanese language camps offered by our partner schools in Japan.



Japanese Camp in Tokyo

Ages: over 15 years old (High school student or older)

The school is offering a Yukata (Summer Kimono) to all participants of the summer holiday program!!

The purpose of this course is to provide students with many practices of daily conversation for their spoken & listening skills to be brushed up! In the lessons, you will learn a lot of situational conversation that you may come across during your stay in Japan. This is the ideal course for the student who would like to learn Japanese in a relatively short period of time. In this course, you will also experience authentic Japanese culture, tradition, and society through the various activities provided. Thus, you can enjoy your language study as well as sightseeing in Japan!! For your accommodation, we arrange "Homestay". Living with a Japanese family makes it possible for you to experience "REAL JAPAN", and we believe your Japanese communication skills will improve dramatically! All our "warm-hearted" host families are carefully selected by our standard and they are looking forward to meeting you!!

- Accommodation: Homestay (We can also arrange private dorm or holiday apartment)
- Activities are subject to change
- Inclement weather may affect certain outdoor activities and can be changed on the day of the activity


Summer Course 1: Trip to Mt.Fuji

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan (3776.24meters). Thousands of people are coming from all over the world in July / August to climb to the top! See document attached for detailed schedule.


Summer course 2: Trip to Kyoto

Kyoto was Japan's capital for over a thousand years (794-1868). The 17 properties of UNESCO World Heritage Site are located in Kyoto.e.g.Kiyomizu-dera established in 778 and Kinkaku-ji(Golden Pavilion) was built in 1397. See document attached for detailed schedule.

Summer course 3 = Summer course 1 + Summer course 2