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Special offers for Mexicans and Latin-Americans

If you are Mexican or Latin-American and wish to study English in Canada, the USA, England or New Zealand, our schools will offer you special prices.


Study Abroad With AEI


AEI study abroad agency offers:

  • free and personalized advising services for language PROGRAMS IN IMMERSION:

          o Language courses in language schools

          o Language courses for kids (summer/winter)

          o Language courses for seniors

          o Learn a language + work experience programs

          o Learn a language + internships/volunteering programs


  • research services at a low cost for graduate, postgraduate, Masters, and specialized studies


AEI-International Advising Agency focuses all its efforts in identifying your “true” needs when you feel the desire to travel and study abroad, whether your purpose is to learn a new language, to consolidate language skills, or to complete studies in the field of your choice. 

In order to provide you with the most complete information, we dedicate ourselves to investigating thoroughfullly the education market, which gives us a clear and objective vision of what different countries and institutions have to offer you.

Our vast experience in the education field on an international level is strengthened by well-established partnerships with educational institutions all over the world.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to instill into young people and adults from all over the world the desire to attain their personal and educational goals, by presenting them appropriate and competitive offers from the International Educational Sector. We also put our efforts in gaining our customers’ trust, by providing them with truthful and accurate information.

Our growth will always be focused on giving the best personalized service to our customers, by respecting their personal needs, on a social, economic and cultural level.

Let us show you that it is possible!


 Geoffroy Gobilliard

 Marketing Director

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