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French Camp in Canada

Our camps in Canada for kids and teenagers combine French language lessons with various social activities and include accommodation, in homestay or residence. However it is always possible to register to a day camp only if accommodation is not required.

Contact us to receive detailed information about a specific camp you are looking for or see below examples of French language camps offered by our partner schools in Canada.



French Camp in Quebec

Ages: 12 to 17 years old

The summer French immersion school for teenagers has been offered every summer since 2005. Through this summer camp, hundreds of teenagers live and learn French in Quebec City. This highly international program welcomes students from over 20 countries.

- French Classes: Morning French classes, from 8:30am to 11:45am, are organized in 7 levels, and help students develop all four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, in addition to attention to the study of grammar and phonetics.

- Afternoon Programs: Participants can select from a wide variety of afternoon programs. Afternoon options are pre-selected on a week-by-week basis (as in a student can be registered to a different afternoon program every week). Multi-Activity and multi-sports programs are operated directly by our team. They offer students fun and varied activities every afternoon. The art programs and sport programs are mostly offered in collaboration with local partners and provide students with an opportunity to mix with local teenagers.

- Afternoon and Weekend Activities: By combining French courses with outstanding afternoon activities and outstanding extra-curricular program, the Summer French Camp for Teenagers offers your child an outstanding French immersion experience!


- Students live a complete French immersion experience (and learn French)
- First-rate facilities
- Balanced schedule: French in the mornings and activities in the afternoons
- Fun and original activities
- Qualified professors and counsellors
- Transport to all activity sites included
- Quebec City: the cradle of French-Canadian culture and a very safe city
- Facilities and activities adhere to safety standards


Summer French Immersion Multi-Activity Camp for Teenagers

The perfect program combining French classes, French-Canadian culture and fun. After classes, a variety of cultural and sport activities are organized for participants, lead by our dedicated counsellors.

The program is from 1pm to 4pm, and follows the French courses in the mornings (8:30 am to 11:45 am) with varied cultural and sport activities. At 4:30 pm participants return to Collège Mérici to return with their host family or to the residence for dinner and to spend the evening.

Examples of activities (I can send you the weekly schedule for this summer if you want): City Tour, Civilization Museum, Pool, Old Port Activities, Volleyball, Bowling, Frisbee, Summer Festival, Activities with the family, Shopping, Fine Arts Museum, Royale Place Interpretation Center, Scrapbooking, Movies, Basketball, Visit Huron Town, Shopping in Old Quebec, Little Bowling, Tagball, Soccer, Ice Skating, Gift exchange, Observatory, Aquarium, Party.

- Evening and Weekend Activities:

One or two evening activities plus weekend activities are organized by the program. Weekend activities are optional for participants in homestay and obligatory for students in residence.

Examples of activities (I can send you the weekly schedule for this summer if you want): Huron Village, Summer Festival, Whale watching, Tree Go, Baseball Game, Rafting, Traditional Sugar Shack, Ice Skating, Climbing, Fishing, Loto-Quebec Fireworks, Shopping, Montréal (La Ronde), Old Montreal, Image Mill, New France Festival.

- Accommodation:

Participants can either stay with a host family or in the residence. Participants in homestay return to their host family after 4:30pm for dinner and to spend the evening with their hosts. Those housed in the off-campus university residence return as a group to the residence for dinner and evening activities. They remain under supervision by our counsellors.


Summer French Immersion Sports Camps for Teenagers

French immersion through sports: An effective French immersion experience, combining language classes in the morning with an afternoon sports camp, from 1pm to 4pm, with local teenagers. The sports camps are operated primarily for local teenagers by qualified and dedicated trainers.

- French and Tennis:

Our most popular French and Sports program. After French classes, students spend 3 hours per day learning and practicing with Sam Aliassime, who heads the Académie de tennis Junior Open summer tennis camp in Quebec City.

- French and Figure Skating:

After their French classes, participants are transported to the Club de patinage artistique de Charlesbourg where they participate in the afternoon training camps. A combination of private instruction and practice is offered.

- French and Equestrian:

Participants in the French and Equestrian program head to the Centre Équestre Jessy Dufresne after their French classes. The Equestrian program offers both western and classic riding instruction.

- French and Multi-Sports:

This is the option for participants who enjoy sports but want variety. The multi-sports program is operated by our team directly and offers afternoons with diverse activities and team sports (Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Circus, Gym, Horse Riding, Hiking, Badminton, Pool, Bowling, Skating, Camping, Karting).


Summer French Immersion Art Camps for Teenagers

French Immersion through Art: An effective French immersion experience, combining language classes in the morning with an afternoon art camps, from 1pm to 4pm. The art camps are operated primarily for local teenagers by qualified and dedicated instructors.

- French and Music:

Complement French classes with music classes offered at the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec. Classes available on most instruments and include private teaching, group classes and supervised practice.

- French and Drama:

Practice acting and improvisation, and in the process, you will work on pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency. Prepare a short performance for other students. It's an awesome way to improve oral fluency!

- French and Cinema:

Afternoons are spent working on film projects with local students at the Académie du Cinéma summer school held at the Université de Laval. Participants assist in projects managed by local teenagers.

- French and Circus:

Participants n outstanding Circus program, as could only be offered in Quebec City. Offered in collaboration with l’École de cirque du Québec, you’ll be given the opportunity to try out the tools used by professionals of the trade and discover many disciplines such as the trampoline, juggling, unicycling, tightrope walking, the aerial disciplines, and many others!

- French and Cooking:

Take French classes in the morning and in the afternoon, put your French and culinary skills to test as you prepare pudding chômeur, poutine or tarte au sucre d’érable (maple sugar pie).