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Spanish School in Súa

To be able to offer the best learning experience, all our teachers are graduate from the training according to the method of "International del Espanol" institute. All our activities are organized by State diploma professionals, qualified. We focus on ensuring the best experience possible that is why our school offers such a quality.

We are the only school in Ecuador to provide an apitherapy activity. We offer discovery stays for all those who want to explore the world of bees. We are proud to propose local know-how related activities but also initiations to the Afro Ecuadorian way of life. Our tourism is an environment-friendly tourism which respects the local biodiversity.

All our activities, sports and excursions are organized and controlled by professionals who received first aid training. We commit ourselves to offer maximum Security and safety on all our activities.

With our NGO, we gave birth to a sustainable program of development, involving the local population and our school. We highly respect the social and economic context of Esmeraldas, one of the poorest in Ecuador in order to give something back to the local population, main actor of the touristic development. We apply those simple rules:

- We respect the work of our local staff by paying them properly
- We established a social and cultural chart in accordance with the regional values

Sustainable development is our philosophy: Fundación Desarrollo Esmeraldas allows volunteering programs for a good cause in accordance with our values and those of the local population. We commit ourselves to offer training to our local people so that they can live of their work. Tourism is nowadays one of the major ways to sustain Ecuador’s economy and even if it is ranked 5th in South America most visited country, it lacks lot of structures. We are here to help solve that matter by promoting a green tourism, respectful of people lives.


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Súa is located in the coastal province of Esmeraldas, northwest of the country, which is on wilderness, folklore and relaxation. All year round, there is heat, with temperatures close to 30 degrees.
The "green province" takes its name from these interests the best known: Afro-Ecuadorian Gastronomy, ecological reserves and beaches. You will find a wide range of activities based on your profile: Nature Tourism (jungle, wildlife watching and flora), or Lazing Tourism and aquatic sports (surfing, horseback riding, hiking ...).

Mangroves are also a key asset of this region. Cayapas Ecological Reserve-home to the highest Mataje world's mangroves. As for the Ecological Reserve Mache-Chindu, which protects the indigenous Los Chachis, it houses a tropical rainforest, waterfalls and natural pools.

The palm trees and crystal clear water of Same, Muisne Island, or Mompiche seduce every year many visitors, nature lovers and water sports.

At 30 kilometers from the city of Esmeraldas, is Atacames, the vast beach attracts all year round domestic and foreign tourists. Place to go out, meetings and parties; Atacames has advantages to attract travelers looking for fun and entertainment.

Just a few kilometers, is located Súa, small fishing village. With its close proximity with Atacames, Súa offers the same benefits as the tourist capital of the canton, offering you the tranquility and authenticity now lost by the neighboring town.

The Esmeraldas region may also motivate the displacement for its cultural richness. Here lives the largest community of Afro-Ecuadorians, who enlivens the province of its percussion sounds and traditional dances: the Marimbas, whose influence resonates to Súa. Legend has it that the 15th century during the slave trade, a boat to the Caribbean went aground off the coast of Esmeraldas. Slaves waded ashore and were the first African American in Ecuador. 17th and 18th century, the community are organized outside of the dominant culture and still retains its ancient traditions. The practice of Marimba is the most striking example.