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Escuela de Español en Quito

Our Spanish school in Quito is located in the residential area of La Carolina. The Ecovia bus line, a central route that crosses the entire city, stops right by our center, making it easy to get to anywhere you need to go. The school includes 21 classrooms, computers with Internet access, and wireless connection for student’s personal laptops, a library, a teacher’s meeting room, an auditorium, a solarium and a cafeteria. There is also a multipurpose indoor court for racquetball, volleyball, speed soccer and basketball field and an elevator for wheelchair access.

Minimum student age: 16 years old.

Capacity: 90 students.


  • Escuela de Español en Quito
  • Aprender Español en Quito

Quito has been an important city in South America for a long time: it used to belong to the ancient Amerindian Quitu tribe, then to the vast Incan Empire and finally it was passed over to Spain in 1534. This captivating Latin American capital has been evolving for over nearly 800 years, always building upon its deep-seeded history to become of the most intriguing and charming cities in Latin America.
Even if Quito is close to the equator, its high altitude gives it a pleasant climate often described as a "permanent spring."

The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its historic center is considered to be the best preserved in Latin America. The colonial city is full of cobblestone streets, Baroque churches and monasteries, beautiful fountains, spacious squares and governmental buildings, and you will find lively, colorful Indian markets throughout the old part of town. Quito has a population of over 1.2 million that spreads into the modern and residential areas of the city. It has everything one can expect of a contemporary world capital.

Quito's great location gives students the opportunity to take excursions to ancient ruins, traditional markets, modern art galleries, intriguing archaeological museums with pre-Columbian treasures and beautiful religious buildings with intricate stone-carved facades and interior golden altars. Students can also travel to the famous Galapagos Islands or get to know Peru.

With an ideal climate, thought-provoking traditions, beautiful architecture and a growing contemporary culture, Quito is a great setting to learn Spanish.