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Escuela de Español en Oaxaca

The Spanish school in Oaxaca provides students with the best opportunity to learn Spanish in a short period of time while being immersed in the Mexican culture. Our staff of professional Mexican teachers, combined with our effective teaching methods, helps maximize the student’s learning capabilities.

The school is located in the heart of Oaxaca's Historical Center, two blocks from the beautiful Santo Domingo ex-convent and 4 blocks from Oaxaca's "Zocalo" (downtown square). Due to the Center's location, students are surrounded by a number of cafes, art galleries, museums, shops and internet cafes.

The campus is set in a typical colonial building with a large main patio where students get together during the breaks. This old style construction with thick colonial walls keeps the classrooms cool throughout the year.


  • Escuela de Español en Oaxaca
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The vast majority of flights into Oaxaca go through Mexico City, but there are also flights from Baja California, Monterrey and a non-stop, direct flight from Houston, Texas, USA. Busing from Mexico City is also quite easy, affordable and comfortable.

There are many incredible places of interest in and around Oaxaca. The archaeological sites Monte Alban and Mitla are must-sees, and tourists love to visit the villages and towns outside Oaxaca known for varied handicrafts such as the wool rugs of Teotitlan del Valle, the Alebrijes of San Martin Tilcajete and Arrazola, the black pottery of San Bartolo Coyotepec and the green pottery of Atzompa, to name a few.

Oaxaca attracts both national and international tourism for its numerous Special Events and Festivals throughout the year: the festivities around Easter, the unique Guelaguetza Festival, Day of the Dead festival, and the Christmas and New Year’s festivities which include “la Noche de Rábanos” (Night of the Radishes).