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English School in Toronto

The English school is located in the heart of downtown Toronto and is conveniently located directly next to a subway station It is surrounded by boutique shops, restaurants, museums, theatres, a central library and many other attractions.

The computer lab is equipped with the latest and fastest computers; the student cafeteria is actually a student lounge where students love to eat and chat, it has a kitchenette, cold vending machines and additional computers for free internet and email. All the classrooms are clean, bright and airy with comfortable chairs and tables.


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Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. It is home to more than 100 cultures. Toronto is Canada's largest city, with a population of 5 million, and is the 5th largest city in North America, after Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. One-quarter of Canada's population is located within 160km of Toronto. More than 60% of the population of the USA is within a 90-minute flight of Toronto.

As the capital of Ontario, it is the seat of government for Canada's most populous province and is the industrial and business center for the country. There are two official languages in Canada - English and French. In addition to these official languages, the top 5 languages spoken in Toronto are Mandarin, Italian, Tamil, Portuguese and Spanish. 


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