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Cursos de Inglés + Práctica en Inglaterra

Si quieres tomar cursos de inglés y hacer una práctica en Inglaterra, AEI agencia de estudios en el extranjero ofrece un servicio gratuito y personalizado de asesoría y colocación!


Contáctenos para saber los precios de los programas y recibir nuestros servicios de asesoría gratuita.


Hay oportunidades para programas de "Cursos de inglés + Práctica" en las siguientes ciudades de Inglaterra: Brighton.


Cursos de Inglés + Práctica no Remunerada con LTC en Brighton

Internships in local Brighton companie organisation (unpaid placement)

This programme gives you the opportunity to take an English language course followed by an internship spent working in a company/organisation in Brighton or the surrounding area.

It gives you a chance to practise your English in a real working environment and you will hopefully gain experience that will help you to get a job.

You study English at LTC English Academy first. This can be General English or our Exam Preparation Course. After your English language course has finished, you move on to your internship.

When can you do your internship?

We can arrange an internship at any time of year, but remember that many English companies close for a few weeks at Christmas time.

You would normally begin your internship as soon as your English language course finishes. You need a good intermediate level of English before your internship begins and for the same placements a higher level of English may be required.

We work with Stages UK, a work placement agency that has been arranging internships in the Brighton area since 1992. They have extensive contacts with local companies and have experience of placing students from all over the world.