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Cursos de Inglés + Experiencia de Trabajo en Inglaterra

Tenemos programas de "Cursos de inglés + Experiencia de Trabajo" en las siguientes ciudades de Inglaterra: Brighton, Cambridge, Londres.


Programa de Práctica de Trabajo en Brighton, Cambridge o London (Ciudadanos EU)

An excellent opportunity to practise and develop your language skills in a business environment and gain valuable work experience. The programme combines a course to develop your communication skills and attain a high enough level in the language and a period of work placement. We offer both unpaid work experience placements and paid positions.

  • Intensive 30 or Standard 20 course for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to work placement
  • Full or part-time work placement in an unskilled job for 3-6 months earning at least £4.77 per hour.
  • Placements are available in restaurants, bars and hotels
  • Applications must be received at least 12 weeks in advance
  • Minimum age: 18


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Inglés con Experiencia de Trabajo en Brighton

Internships in hotels around the UK (paid industry placements)

This program is mostly for people who have experience of hotel or restaurant work or who are studying hospitality management.

Enrolments for this program are currently suspended pending the availability of a new qualification and program which will allow visa-nationals to take-up work placement programs.

LESSONS PER WEEK      Full time / 28 lessons / 21 hours during the language programme.
AGE RANGE                       18 and over
CLASS SIZE                       12 maximum
COURSE LENGTH           24 week minimum (12 week Learning programme/12 weeks work placement).
LEVELS                               Levels strong intermediate to Advanced.


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