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Curso Inglés Intensivo

This course starts every Monday and caters for students from beginner to advanced level. This course is for students with an interest in improving their English in a wider, general context, whether it is for travel, friendship or their career. The course is divided into morning and afternoon components, making it possible for students to study full-time and take electives. Regular testing is done to monitor the students’ performance and give feedback.




Clases de Preparación al Examen TOEIC

This Test of English for International Communication checks your practical and everyday English listening and reading skills. It is a two-hour multiple-choice test. TOEIC proficiency scores are used by a wide range of companies as a management tool to check a candidate’s English skills when considering recruitment, promotion, job-training and overseas placements.




Curso Inglés Semi Intensivo

This course starts every Monday and caters for students from beginner to advanced level. This course is for students with an interest in improving their English as well as an outside activity like working. Lessons are generally held in the morning, giving students free time to follow their own interests. The course provides the same kind of learning experience and the same components as in the Intensive Course, but obviously progress will be slower. Course is subject to availability at the school.




Clases de Preparación a los Examenes de Cambridge

The Cambridge exams test students’ ability to use English (their vocabulary resource, their understanding of grammar) and their abilities in the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). The exams take place over three days. The Reading, Use of English and Writing tests are held on one day, and the Speaking test (interview), and the Listening test on separate days.

There are four different types of exam courses and is subject to availability at the school.

- Preliminary English Test (PET). For students at an upper-elementary level.
- First Certificate in English (FCE). For students at an intermediate level.
- Certificate in Advanced English (CAE). For students at an upper-intermediate level.
- Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) . For students at an advanced level (close to native speaker level).




Clases de Preparación al Examen TOEFL

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. Many universities and institutions around the world use TOEFL scores as a condition of entry, especially in the USA and Canada.
TOEFL can now be taken as a written test or as a computer-based test. The test has four sections, which must all be answered. The sections are Listening, Structure, Reading and Writing. The difference between the written and the computer-based tests is that the computer-based test is computer-adaptive. This means that the computer chooses the next questions on how well you answered the last question.




Inglés Académico

This course is designed for students who want to take a course at university, college or further education institute. As the IELTS and TOEFL exams are often required to start tertiary education, the course does include preparation for these exams, but it also aims to train students in the specific research and study skills that they will need to succeed in their future studies.




Cursos Inglés para Jóvenes

A short course for an age generally lower then 15 years old and at an elementary/pre intermediate level. The course covers a wide range of useful English with a focus on this age group. There is considerable attention given to getting students involved in activities that will enable them to use their language skills in realistic situations and settings.




Curso Inglés de Vacaciones

Students can have the opportunity to combine an English language course with a sightseeing or adventure holiday! Holiday programs can be designed to focus on English and/or recreational activities, can be combined with homestay and a 24 hour emergency support service.
Our Holiday programs offer the student a wide variety of cultural and recreational activities. Activities range from pleasant barbecues and picnics to day trips to famous places.
A program can be designed to suit any requests.




Inglés para High School

Designed for students that wish to study at secondary school level schools, this course prepares students to cope well with the demands of high school in a foreign country.
The primary focus is on developing general English skills. Depending on the stage studied at, more specific subject areas such as maths, science, literature, geography, history and culture are introduced. Qualified, high school-trained teachers teach the subjects.





La escuela está comprometida a ofrecer a sus estudiantes todo lo que necesiten durante su estancia en Wellington y que en este tiempo la experiencia que vivan sea inolvidable, además de útil y constructiva. El colegio dispone de un servicio de alojamiento dedicado a encontrar la mejor opción para cada estudiante de la escuela.

  • Alojamiento con una famila (Homestay)
  • Alojamiento independiente (Hoteles, Departamentos para rentar,...)