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Spanish Classes in Súa

We have designed a program for each level that combines theory and practice respectively represented by the courses and the activities.

We are always looking to upgrade us in terms of methodology and educational tools to be constantly evolving and growing.

We focus our efforts on you. We do not have a formatted teaching, but rather based on creativity, personalization, entertainment, and primarily on listening to your desires and your needs.

We believe that students do not come only to learn Spanish. Our courses include explanations of the Ecuadorian and Latin American customs. Our activities are oriented towards cultural discovery.

On arrival, we will pass a placement test to determine your level. We will define with you the type of memory you have: visual or auditory. All this information will help your teacher to suit your needs.

Each student will receive a certificate which shall contain the number of hours studied and the level reached.





Strengthen your immersion adding one or more extracurricular activities. You'll be in contact with the local population. This allows you to:

- Make your lessons every day in practice;
- Learn about the country and its problems;
- Enjoy the sociability of the dynamism of a stay "on the spot."

Personal enrichment guaranteed!


Spanish and Apitherapy

"what is Apitherapy?"

It is an alternative medicine, almost unknown by the vast majority of people but it has its Professional throughout the world. It treats headaches, arthritis, stress and skin problems.

"Is it magical? "

Not really, in fact, apitherapy has 2 categories:

- The use of bees’ production for long term illnesses such as honey or royal jelly.

- The use of an Alive bee sting on certain parts of the body to treat common illnesses

The school aims to develop this therapy in Ecuador, that’s why we propose 2 types of stays in order to discover apitherapy

1. Follow Dr Andres Castillo during a month trip. You will then be able to:

- Practice Spanish
- Discover Ecuador (Quito, Guayaquil, Ambato, Baños Loja, Cuenca, Latacunga, Quinindé, Esmeraldas, Manta and around these cities)
- Have a real contact with the local populations
- Learn apitherapy (You will receive an autentic diploma from ASAPIE)

2. Or you can participate to activities around honey, from apitherapy to plants harvesting with Polibio Morillo in Atacames. You will discover how honey is produced, you will learn how to make beauty creams, propolis and to use bees natural product in a therapeutically way.


Spanish and Salsa

Carry by the rhythms of the swinging music atmosphere; you cannot avoid the dance floor. Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Marimba ... learn and apply one or more of the dances that are part of the Latin American culture. Our dance instructor will supervise you and give you the keys to impress your family when you get back home!


Spanish and Snorkeling

Looking for freshness, adventure and thrill? Get your flippers, mask and tuba and follow the guide. No need for bottles, there is an extraordinary underwater landscape at only 2 to 5 meters deep. The turquoise waters offer an extraordinary fauna and flora where you will meet the clown fish, Mantas, corals …

The school offers a great quality of diving material to make this experience unforgettable.


Spanish and Surfing

If you would like to be compared to Kelly Slater or Emmanuelle Joly, if you want to get familiar with cutbacks, bottom turns and the backside, if your true desire is to be part of the fashionable surfer community or if you simply want some shiver of pleasure while surfing, we are going to make this happen.

On the Atacames beach, (5 minutes from Súa) the school offers some brand new equipment to learn surf safely with qualified instructors. Atacames is the best place to start thanks to its beaches of sand and soft waves. On the other hand, the best ones could challenge the strong waves of Mompiche, Estero de Platano and Portete spots, famous for the beauty of landscapes.


Spanish and Cooking

Ecuador is a rich country in terms of cooking. Come and experiment a delightful ceviche (cold soup) and discover how to cook it! You will also be introduced to Encocados de camaron (shrimps with coconut sauce) and many other dishes!


Spanish and Volunteering

All along your classes, you will be offered the opportunity to volunteer in order to improve the development of the region of Esmeraldas. This is one of the poorest region if the country, the inhabitants are mainly fishermen and farmers.

The school created “Fundacion Desarrollo Esmeraldas” to be able to develop the health system, environment and education programs.

The objective is to develop the Esmeraldas region in a sustainable way, respect the population and its environment. Tourism is at stake here and sustainable development. The final objective is to give autonomy to the region and to its people by promoting the taste for initiatives.




Accommodation while studying in Súa

Shared apartments on the campus

The campus comes with everything needed so that you can feel almost like at home. Swimming pool, large classrooms and terrace with bar. We have several apartments, with a maximum capacity of 6 people that you will share with other students. You can choose to be in dorms or have your own bedroom.
Every suite comes with a bathroom, full equipped kitchen and fridge, TV with cable, AC and Wi-Fi.
The campus is located 20 meters far from the beach. Do not hesitate to read the local newspapers in order to feel involved during your stay, everything will be available at the Library. That’s a good way to learn too.
You will share your apartment with people from all over the world, living in community will be a great plus while you are in Súa, for going out at night but also to hike during the week ends.



If there is no more availabililty on campus, you can choose an individual room in our partners'hostels. We offer you a large choice of hostels. You will be ideally located, just few minutes from the school. Bungalow or hostel room, modern or rustic, you will probably match needs with our accommodation offer!