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Cursos de Español en Universidad Internacional Cuernavaca


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Los Cursos de Español

Curso de Español Intensivo

Since 1980, the Intensive Spanish Program has helped our students take leaps and bounds in their Spanish studies no matter what level of previous Spanish they have. Students are completely immersed in the culture and language which are woven intricately into the linguistic process.

Our program strives to make Spanish a part of your life. It will challenge you with comprehensive yet manageable classes and courses which will help you gain better fluency and knowledge of the Spanish language.

• No more than 5 students per class

• 6 hours a day, 5 days a week

• Native Spanish Speaking Teachers

• Complete Cultural Immersion

• Dynamic guided conversation workshops

• Complete flexibility


Curso de Español Ejecutivo

The Executive Program immerses the world's most promising managers into a dynamic environment that encourages second language acquisition to be used as a powerful tool to create competitive solutions. All options are designed to improve Spanish language skills, yet each is developed around a separate set of objectives to meet the evolving needs of business leaders today.

The Executive Program is a tailor-made program, broken up into 4 options offering up to 9 hours daily, equipping business professionals with the necessary tools to effectively communicate professionally in Spanish with their Latin-American clients in the shortest amount of time possible. In doing so, the program focuses on 4 main skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Each One-on-One session is led by a different teacher.

The Intensive Spanish Executive Program can be tailored according to each individual's work schedule. Holidays in Mexico will not affect your program. We can also accommodate personal requests, such as a focus on special vocabulary or terminology related to your profession. Furthermore, if you have certain materials that you want to work with, we would be more than happy to receive them in advance in order to prepare for your arrival. Additionally, private sessions may operate on weekends with a minimum of three hours per day for an extra cost.


Clases de Español Privadas

Your classes don't have to end at 2 O'clock.  For students in any of our Spanish programs who are looking for one on one attention, we offer private classes after 2 O'clock for an added fee.

Here you can work with a professor on the topics of your choice.

We also offer private, one on one classes as part of our Executive Program.

In this program, you can enjoy 3 to 9 hours of individual instruction with classes designed to meet your specific needs.


Programa de Semestre en el Extranjero

Join us for a semester long study program and watch your Spanish skills soar while you make friends from around the world and immerse yourself in Mexican culture.  You can earn up to 18 credits at your home university and complete your Spanish requirements while having the unique opportunity to attend classes with Mexican and international students.  You have so much to gain, and nothing to lose.

We welcome you to come and share this experience with us!

• No more than 5 students per class

• 6 hours a day, 5 days a week

• Native Spanish Speaking Teachers

• Complete Cultural Immersion

• Dynamic guided conversation workshops

• Complete flexibility


Curso de Español Intensivo con Fines Específicos

We recognize that some students are learning Spanish not just because it interests them, but also because they need it for a specific purpose. For this reason, we offer several specialized programs that provide specific vocabulary and coursework that will help you reach your goals and communicate more effectively in the Spanish speaking world. If you require a program focusing on a different field or with different vocabulary, we can modify any program to meet your needs. To make sure we meet all your requests, it is best if you contact us at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival.

Our program for specific purposes has the same structure of the Intensive Spanish Program with the specific vocabulary and situation related to your needs.

• No more than 5 students per class

• 6 hours a day, 5 days a week

• Native Spanish Speaking Teachers

• Lectures focused on your field of study 

• Vocabulary specific to your needs 

• Complete flexibility


Curso de Español para Niños

While you are busy studying Spanish in one of our many intensive programs, your children can learn Spanish too! The facts show that learning a second language is much easier the younger you start, which is why the Kids Program is an opportunity you can't afford to miss! The kids program, which is offered between July 6th and August 7th and can last for as little as one week, is designed as a fun way to start learning Spanish at a young age through recreational activities.

We have developed an engaging platform that allows children to Learn, Live and Love Spanish with a careful selection of teachers to provide a stimulating, safe, and healthy learning environment. Our emphasis: To make sure that your children are engaged, interested, and excited to learn Spanish and broaden their horizons. Our teachers are specially trained and are dedicated to the success of the children in this program.

• Makes learning Spanish fun

• Classes with Mexican Children

• Field Trips

• Interactive and fun activities

• Native Spanish speaking teachers


Programa de Español en Instituto

The High School Program is designed to make the study of the Spanish Language fun and meaningful for teenagers. In this program, learning and fun go hand in hand. There are also athletic activities for students who want to stay active and make new friends while practicing the sport of their choice. This program is designed specifically for students ages 13 to 17, but can accept younger students upon request.

The High School Program, which can last as little as one week, is offered during a 9 week period between June 1 to July 31. In addition to the academic portion of the program, there are cultural visits to sites around Cuernavaca such as the main square, tourism train, wrestling matches, museums, and the market, along with a day long excursion to the Las Estacas River, trips to the movies and athletic activities.

The High School Program is available year round; however some of the activities mentioned are only available during the dates listed above.

All activities are supervised by trained professionals.

Transportation may carry an extra cost.


Programa de Verano para Profesores de Español

The Teaching Spanish Summer Institute offers a three week bilingual course for specialists in the area of language education, literature, and related areas (masters' level) combined with an immersion experience in Mexican culture.

Offered are intensive graduate courses from the Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language masters program. Each of the courses totals 24 hours of in class sessions and meets Monday through Thursday. Friday, students will participate in a series of bilingual workshops with dynamic methodology in Spanish language education. The participants, Mexican and International, will put to work their knowledge in the field with the purpose of generating concrete proposals to solve key problems in the teaching of Spanish and literature (applied methodologies, learning activities, creating materials).


Curso de Preparación para el Examen DELE

Los Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE) certificates are official documents and are the only certificates recognized the world over by businesses, chambers of commerce, and private and public educational institutes.

Anyone who will be using Spanish in the workplace, teaching Spanish as a second language, or who has a strong interest in the Spanish language would greatly benefit from obtaining DELE certification.  You can obtain DELE certification as a beginner, intermediate, or superior level Spanish speaker.


Opciones de Alojamiento

La escuela está comprometida a ofrecer a sus estudiantes todo lo que necesiten durante su estancia en México y que en este tiempo la experiencia que vivan sea inolvidable, además de útil y constructiva. Cada colegio dispone de un servicio de alojamiento dedicado a encontrar la mejor opción para cada estudiante de la escuela.


Alojamiento en Familia

La mayoría de los estudiantes en Latinoamérica eligen esta opción de alojamiento, ya que es la mejor manera de descubrir la cultura, las costumbres y las tradiciones del país en el que estudiarás.

Las familias están cuidadosamente seleccionadas para asegurar que los estudiantes disfruten lo máximo posible.

Nuestro objectivo siempre es alojar a los estudiantes a una distancia de 20 a 30 minutos de la escuela caminando o en transporte público. Si viajas con un amigo, podrás ser alojados en la misma familia.


Pisos Compartidos

Esta opción te permite vivir con otros estudiantes internacionales en un ambiente muy agradable. Los apartamentos no son lujosos, pero están completamente equipados y amueblados. No hay servicio de comidas pero todos los apartamentos tienen cocina con microondas, sartenes, cuberterías y todo lo que necesitas para cocinarte tu propia comida.

Hay apartamentos de diferentes tamaños y características que se reservan dependiendo de la disponibilidad. Muchos de ellos se encuentran a una distancia muy corta de la escuela para que puedas ir andando o en un transporte público cercano. Puedes elegir entre una habitación individual, doble, doble para uso individual o triple.