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Special offers for Mexicans and Latin-Americans

If you are Mexican or Latin-American and wish to study English in Canada, the USA, England or New Zealand, our schools will offer you special prices.


Accommodation Options When Studying Abroad

A very important part of your decision to travel abroad to study, is finding the right place to stay at.

At AEI we focus in helping our students to find the most suitable option for every case.

The following are some of the stay options we offer in every destination we have schools in:

  • Homestay (staying with a local family, which usually includes meals and laundry room, as well as a furnished shared or single room, with private or shared bathroom – this option is suitable for younger students as well as adults who want to practice the language or want to learn the life-style of that country)
  • Residence (staying at a school’s residence or residences for general public, which usually will not include meals nor laundry room, but students will have to buy their own food and pay for their laundry services – this option is suitable for 18+ students looking for a more independent kind of stay, where they will meet people from all ages and cultures; these are mostly located closer to schools)
  • Apartments/flats (renting an apartment/flat, which may be for a whole family, or for one single student; they can be from bachelors to 2-3 rooms with the facilities of a regular apartment/flat: sleeping area/bedrooms, kitchen, full-bathroom, common areas. Meals are not included nor cleaning services. These can be close or far from schools- this option is suitable for students 18+.
  • Hostels (the most affordable option for students looking for a totally international and independent experience. Hostels kinds vary as well as prices and types of rooms: shared, single, with or without private bathrooms, with or without kitchen on the floors- this option is suitable for students 18+ and it is best if they have their hostelling international discount card*- meals are not included)
  • Hotels (there will be hotels from 2 to 5 stars, according to each student’s needs. The services will vary from hotel to hotel and the availability will be subject to changes according to the seasons- this option is suitable for adults wishing to stay at a comfortable place, with commodity services included. Meals are usually not included, but depends on the package offered by each hotel)


Contact us for detailed information about accommodation in the country and city you want to study.